Musical Compositions


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Dialogues Dangereux (Dangerous Dialogues) – improvisation for two prepared trumpets in Bb or C (one player) (12′) (2017-19)

Dialogues Extatiques (Ecstatic Dialogues) – improvisation for prepared and amplified double bass (12′) (2017-19)

Eisregen (Freezing Rain) for prepared large ensemble (15′) (2016-18)

Moving Space – improvisation for prepared quintet (trb, pc, pf, vl, vc) (10′) (2018)

Dialogues Tremblants III (Trembling Dialogues) – improvisation for prepared (large) pipe organ (three players), prepared soprano and prepared clarinet (20′) (2015-18)

Newborn for prepared sextet (cl in Bb, trb, pc, hp, pf, vc) (7′) (2016-18)

(Dés)Illusion d’un chant ([Dis]Illusion of a song) for prepared singing voice and prepared string instrument(s) (8′) (2017)

Mascarade Macabre (Macabre Masquerade) for extended percussion trio (8′) (2015-17)

Dialogues Tremblants II (Trembling Dialogues) for prepared (large) pipe organ (three players), prepared contrabassoon and prepared tuba (20′) (2015-17)

Dialogues Rêvants (Dreaming Dialogues) for prepared (electroacoustic) harp (16′) (2014-17)

Le carnaval des animaux (The Carnival of the Animals) for prepared brass quintet (12′) (2016)

Mascarade Nocturne (Nocturnal Masquerade) for (prepared) (female/male/mixed) vocal sextet a cappella (10′) (2016)

Mascarade Obscure (Obscure Masquerade) for prepared wind quintet mouthpieces (8′) (2010-16)

In the steppes of Sápmi for (prepared) vocal sextet / mixed choir (SMezATBarB) a cappella (four versions: 6′ 11′ 18′ 21′) (2014-15)

Sandrose (Sand Rose) for prepared quartet (cl in Bb, pc, pf, va) (12′) (2012-15)

Dialogues Tremblants I (Trembling Dialogues) – improvisation for prepared (large) pipe organ and two players (15’30”) (2015)

Dialogues Sauvages (Wild Dialogues) for prepared Paetzold square bass recorder in F or C (12′) (2013-14)

Rituel Bizarre (Bizarre Ritual) for prepared string orchestra / 13 prepared solo strings (12′) (2008-10 / 2014)

Transe-Formation (Trance-Formation) for prepared electric guitar trio (12′) (2013)

Incontro Concertante (Concertante Encounter) for prepared piano and prepared trio (fl, cl in Bb, vc) (12′) (2010-12)

Pèlerinage Fantastique (Fantastic Pilgrimage) for prepared string quartet (12′) (2010/12)

Music Theatre 2 – performance for two, one or no actors and tape (10’10”) (2012)

Dialogues Fragiles (Fragile Dialogues) for prepared violin (8′) (2011)

Poème Parodique (Parodistic Poem) for prepared mixed (5′) or women’s choir (4’15”) (2010)

Scherzo Silenzioso (Silent Scherzo) for prepared wind quintet mouth­piec­es (8′) (2010)

Danse Canonique 2 (Canonical Dance 2) for 15 prepared strings (7′) (2008)

Étude Théâtrale de l’Exploration du Timbre (Theatrical Study on the Exploration of Sound) for prepared piano (10’10”) (2008-09)

Danse Canonique (Canonical Dance) for two optional string instruments (6′) (2007/09)

De-Kadenz (De-cadence) for sinfonietta (5’14”) (2009)

Music Theatre 1 – scene for two female and two male vocalists (16’07”) (2007/09)

Danse Macabre (Macabre Dance) for symphonic wind orchestra (3’53”) (2008)

Flüchtige Passion (Fleeting Passion) for clarinet in Bb and cello (6’30”) (2006)

Retroduktion for two percussionists (ca. 18′) (2005)

Trois Impromptus (Three Impromptus) for solo viola (11′) (2005)

Sonate (Sonata) for flute and piano (15′) (2004)

Das Hohelied der Liebe (Canticles of Love) – recitative and aria for soprano and piano (words: bible, Erich Fried) (10′) (2003)