Musical Compositions

Dialogues Sauvages (Wild Dialogues)

20 Dialogues Sauvages

Setting Prepared Paetzold square bass recorder in F or C.
Period of creation 2012-08-04 and 2013-02-12 to 18 (preparation); 2013-03-21 to 2013-04-23 (1st version); 2014-06-03 to 09 and 2014-09-09 to 10-16 (revised version).
Duration 12 min.
Commission / occasion 1st version: Commissioned by the recorder player Caroline Hausen (Ger), funded by the City of Nuremberg (Department of Arts and Culture) (Ger) and by the Deutscher Musikrat (German Music Council).
2nd version: Com­mis­sioned by the association SNIM (spontaneous network for improvised music) in Vienna (Aut), funded by Norsk kulturråd / Norsk kulturfond (The Arts Council Norway / Norwegian Cultural Fund) (Nor).
Publisher BabelScores.

The main idea behind the piece is the creation of a dialectic dramaturgy within the mon­o­phon­ic limitations of solo music. During the entire duration, two dialogue partners (played by one and the same mu­si­cian) lead a continuous discussion between two basic motivic materials: long and sustained single notes versus articulated repetitions of short notes.

The piece is subdivided into 7 parts forming three major arcs of suspense: parts 1, 3 and 5 create elongated “dal niente” crescendo lines (in waves), with decreasing durations of the sustained notes and with increasing number and density of the articulated short notes. Parts 2, 4 and 6-7 constitute retrograde “al niente” decrescendo lines. The three culminating climaxes, each at the end of the crescendo and at the beginning of the decrescendo parts, grow in intensity from time to time, resulting in a more and more heated, “wild” and absolutely exhausting debate.

In addition, the majority of motivic cells operates with micro-dynamics (hairpins), thus opening up for the entire harmonic range of the instru­ment, from airy, hollow subtones to high overtones, within short periods of time.

However, these multi-circular behaviours of the dynamics mainly determine the timbre of the instrumental sound. In strong dynamics and due to the exchange of prep­a­ration objects (in shorter sections between the 7 main parts), the prep­a­ra­tions trigger a parallel timbral meta-develop­ment, running from whistling harmonics via sliding harmonics via high animalistic scratching noises to low animalistic scratching noises. This rather linear timbral pro­gres­sion can be listened to as a long timbral glissando downwards und consequently, as a long timbral closing gesture span­ning the entire piece.

Nevertheless, the overall preparation setup for the Paetzold square bass re­corder is arranged in a way that the ordinary recorder sound always remains a well audible sonic foun­da­tion for the aforementioned timbral dramaturgy. During the climaxes, this eventually leads to complex dialogues between up to 4 different timbres of continuous sounds: instrumental sound, vocal sound as well as the sound of two simul­ta­neous preparation objects.

2019-09-23 Anna Petrini
Concert series Klang, at the Helsinki Music Centre / Camerata Hall in Helsinki (Fin)
2019-01-31 Anna Petrini
23rd Composers’ Forum Osnabrück, at the Gartenhaus (Garden House) / Concert Hall of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences (Ger) – amplified
2018-12-17 Anna Petrini
Culture house Midsommargården (Midsummer Courtyard) in Stockholm (Swe), arranged by Samtida Musik – amplified
2018-11-19 Anna Petrini
Festival Ars Musica, at the cultural centre Espace Senghor / Salle 1900 in Brussels (Bel) – amplified
2018-03-17 Miako Klein
St. Agatha Church / Angelmodde in Münster (Ger)
2017-11-17 Caroline Hausen
Nuremberg University of Music in Nuremberg (Ger) – workshop presentation
2017-09-13 Miako Klein
Broadcast on SR P2 / P2 Live (Swe) at 19.03 h, live recording from 2017-03-24 (New Directions Festival), with an introduction by Märet Öman including an interview (excerpt) with Pär Freij
2017-04-23 Gabriele Drab
Discussion series Art Brunch, at the studio house Schaumbad in Graz (Aut), lecture-performance
2017-03-26 Miako Klein
Art exhibition Bricolage (vernissage), at the Palais für aktuelle Kunst in Glückstadt (Ger), lecture-performance
2017-03-24 Miako Klein
New Directions Festival, at the Studio Acusticum / Main Concert Hall in Piteå (Swe), radio recording by SR P2
2017-01-10 Miako Klein
Concert series Unerhörte Musik (Music unheard-of), at the BKA Theatre in Berlin (Ger)
2016-09-20 Miako Klein
Festival Regionale 3, at the art association Flutgraben e.V. in Berlin (Ger), live interview with Steen Lorenzen – amplified
2016-07-23 Miako Klein
Festival Regionale 3, at the Overbeck Society / exhibition pavilion in Lübeck (Ger)
2015-12-12 Caroline Hausen
Kunstnernes Hus (Artists’ House) in Oslo (Nor)
2015-11-08 Caroline Hausen
National Congress of ERTA Germany (European Recorder Teachers’ Association), at the Federal Academy Trossingen (Ger)
Caroline Hausen
Long Night of the Sciences, at the Archives of the Evangelical Lutheran State Church of Bavaria in Nuremberg (Ger)
2015-09-17 Gabriele Drab
Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, at the Loftet (Skippergata 22) in Oslo (Nor) – amplified
2015-07-26 Caroline Hausen
Dorint Hotel in Wustrow (Ger), organized by the Künstlerhaus Lukas in Ahrenshoop (Ger)
2015-05-12 Caroline Hausen
Kunstnernes Hus (Artists’ House) in Oslo (Nor)
2015-05-10 Caroline Hausen
nyMusikk concert hall in Oslo (Nor)
2015-03-13 Gabriele Drab
Echo­raum in Vienna (Aut) – world premiere (revised version)
2014-10-12 Caroline Hausen
Oberpfälzer Künstlerhaus in Schwandorf (Ger)
2014-10-11 Gabriele Drab
Festival das kleine symposion, at the Echo­raum in Vienna (Aut) – world premiere (revised version, first half)
2014-05-09 Caroline Hausen
Festival Aktuelle Musik 014, at the castle chapel St. Walburgis in Nuremberg (Ger)
2014-05-05 Caroline Hausen
Kunstpalais in Erlangen (Ger)
Caroline Hausen
Former AEG area / arts centre in Nuremberg (Ger)
2013-07-03 Caroline Hausen
Academy of Fine Arts / exhibition hall in Nuremberg (Ger) – world premiere

12,5% Selection for a commission by SNIM (spontaneous network for improvised music) in Vienna (Aut), 6/48 (2014-03) [1st version].

Caroline Hausen (rec);
Nuremberg 2013-07-03;
bars 3-4, 19-20, 42-43, 55-60, 70-74, 80-82, 87-90 (1st version);
duration: 1 min 57 sec.

Anna Petrini;
Stockholm (Swe) 2018-12-17;
Culture house Midsommargården (Midsummer Courtyard), arranged by Samtida Musik;
complete recording;
duration: 13 min 18 sec.
Camera / video editing: Ansgar Beste.


Caroline Hausen (rec);
Nuremberg 2013-07-03;
bars 17-18, 39-42, 51-52, 63-65, 75-78, 84-85 (1st version);
duration: 2 min 7 sec.