Musical Compositions

Poème Parodique (Parodistic Poem)

15 Poème Parodique

Setting Prepared mixed choir or prepared women’s choir.
Period of creation 2010-09-26 to 2010-10-09, women’s choir: 2010-12-20 to 22, revision: 2011-07.
Duration 5 min (mixed choir) resp. 4 min 15 sec (women’s choir).
Commission / occasion Commissioned by the Connect Festival in Malmö (Swe) 2010 and by the IGNM (ISCM) Austria 2011.
Publisher BabelScores: mixed choirwomen’s choir.

The main idea behind the piece is a confrontation of two timbral pro­ces­ses within the sound world of a prepared 12-part mixed choir: On the one hand, a poetic lava of slow­ly mov­ing sound masses from harmonica playing sin­g­ers, on the other hand, a parodistic fire­worksof emotional, theatrical and quickly moving in­ter­jec­tions from whistle blowing speakers.
Formally, the composition is divided into 8 sections, of which sections 1-4 and 7-8 rep­resent the confrontation between 6 singing and 6 speaking voices, whereas sec­tions 5-6 are entirely sung and form a kind of static climax.
The development of den­si­ties runs in the same direction (in both timbral processes) in sections 1 and 8, but in opposite directions in sections 2, 3, 4 and 7. The develop­ment of pitch or brightness proves to be rather static in the spoken layer, but dynamic in the sung counterpart, in which the registers are rising between sections 1 and 4, but falling between sec­tions 7 and 8.

2020-03-22 Exaudi and James Weeks (conductor)
Resonans Festival, at the Studio Acusticum / Main Concert Hall in Piteå (Swe), radio recording by SR P2 – mixed sextet version
2020-03-21 Exaudi and James Weeks (conductor)
Festival Svensk Musikvår (Swedish Music Spring), at the S:t Jacobs kyrka (Saint James’s Church) in Stockholm (Swe) – world premiere (mixed sextet version)
2013-03-18 Jeunesse Chamber Choir Vienna and Ajtony Csaba (conductor), version for mixed choir
Broadcast on ORF Ö1 Radio / Zeit-Ton (Aut) at 23.03 h, live recording from 2013-02-23 (RadioKulturhaus in Vienna), with an introduction by Ursula Strubinsky
2013-02-23 Jeunesse Chamber Choir Vienna and Ajtony Csaba (conductor), version for mixed choir
ORF concert hall / Ra­dioKulturhaus in Vienna (Aut), prize winner con­cert, radio recording by ORF Ö1 – world premiere
2011-09-01 Jeunesse Chamber Choir Vienna and Ajtony Csaba (conductor), version for mixed choir
Vienna (Aut) – work­­shop
2011-01-25 Vox Pulchra and Núria Cunillera Salas (conductor), version for women’s choir
ZKM in Karlsruhe (Ger)
2010-10-14 Eric Eric­son Cham­ber Choir and Cecilia Martin-Löf (conductor)
Connect Festival in Malmö (Swe)

24,24% Winner of the Vocal Music Competition by the IGNM (ISCM) Austria and commission for a vocal work, 8/33 (2011-02).

Eric Eric­son Cham­ber Choir & Cecilia Martin-Löf;
Malmö 2010-10-14 (public workshop);
bars 1-24;
duration: 1 min 30 sec.

Vox Pulchra & Núria Cunillera Salas;
Karlsruhe 2011-01-25;
bars 56-69;
duration: 55 sec.