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Review Rainer Nonnenmann 2019-4 (Portrait)

“His solo series Dialogues […] resembles an upgrade of Luciano Berio’s solo series Sequenze (1958-2002) in terms of playing technique. […] Distinctive New Music, […] Beste […] proceeds like a composer-performer”.

Review Lisa Nilsson 2017 (Portrait / Rituel Bizarre)

“Well-written compositions […] with many interesting ideas, […] own little world. […] It is a good feeling to return to the starting point of my project with Musica Vitae. Back to the roots and to my first inspiration […].”

Review Christoph Schulte im Walde 2016-1 (Portrait)

“Ansgar Beste is interested in sounds – in new, unusual, well, unheard-of and outrageous sounds. He […] appreciates the profession as a composer: ‘There I am very free.’”

Review Rudolf Görtler 2013 (Portrait)

“The one who sits opposite you in his studio in a casual and almost roguish manner, must be an immensely hard, almost obsessive worker, gifted with some stubbornness, too.”

Statement Gary Verkade 2018-2 (Portrait / Dialogues Tremblants)

“Ansgar Beste […] doesn’t look for instruments to perform ‘his’ music, he delves into the sound-making process itself in order to discover the music hidden there […] possesses tremendous conceptual ability and […] problem-solving skills […] independence […] not following the trend.”

Statement Gary Verkade 2017 (Portrait)

“Beste’s music is necessary in an age when it is all too easy to digitally produce sound without the rigor of intellectual inquiry.”

Seven reviews during February 2016

Review Christoph Schulte im Walde 2016-2 (Newborn) “Sounds as fresh as a daisy [,] […] joy of discovery […], desire for experiments, enthusiasm for quirky sounds and for curious treatments of the […] instrument […]. Not as an end in itself, but as a creative, imaginative act, in order to…

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Six statements from Jan-Oct 2018

Statement Simone Eckert 2018 (Dialogues Rêvants) “Entertaining […] rhetorical and eloquent piece with exciting timbres and rhythms, not only thriving on effects, but creating affects.” …more Statement Tellef Ragnar Heilmann 2018 (Dialogues Sauvages / Rituel Bizarre) “Funny and interesting. […] Shrewdly assembled instruments, […] something uniquely his own and exciting. […]…

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