Statement Gary Verkade 2018-1 (Portrait / Dialogues Tremblants)

Gary Verkade (organist)

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Date : 2018-01-12
Place : Piteå (Swe)

Portrait / About "Dialogue Tremblants"

Statement/review Gary Verkade:

“Ansgar Beste […] is an original thinker, expresses himself well and it is a pleasure to work together with him. He is thorough and dedicated to his work. He takes the time needed to explore the area he is interested in before coming to conclusions and making compositional decisions. While working together on his composition Dialogue Tremblants, I was able to observe the compositional process through several versions of the work. Each time the work became more inclusive and more refined. I have also been able to get to know a number of Beste’s other works and have been impressed with the individual character that each piece exhibits.”

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