Statement Luca Francesconi 2010 (Portrait)

Luca Francesconi (composer)

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Date : 2010-01-20
Place : Milano (Ita)

Statement/review Luca Francesconi:

“Ansgar Beste’s artistic attitude proves a high degree of maturity.

His dedication to composition research is very deep and motivated. He is aware of and skilled in traditional techniques, but his real interest is geared towards the future sound: a restless questioning of the boundaries between sound and noise and meaning.

This enthusiasm is bringing Ansgar to explore new timbral possibilities on the instru­ments and to compose extremely challenging pieces.

In the search for new audiences, Ansgar has started explorations in interdisciplinary contexts. He has inves­ti­gat­ed new forms of interaction not only with technology, but on a deeper level with words, theatre and dance.

I do think that Ansgar’s quest for new expressive and linguistic solutions must be endorsed and supported.”

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