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Review Lisa Nilsson 2017 (Portrait / Rituel Bizarre)

“Well-written compositions […] with many interesting ideas, […] own little world. […] It is a good feeling to return to the starting point of my project with Musica Vitae. Back to the roots and to my first inspiration […].”

Review Jutta de Vries 2016 (Rituel Bizarre)

“Soundwise […], sticks under the strings and combs as bows are recalling swarms of insects. Rhythmically, the piece is quite tricky. Hats off for the random ensemble!”

Review Frank J. Oteri 2015 (Rituel Bizarre)

“Some of the most persuasive performances of the entire festival. […] I was really smitten with Rituel Bizarre for prepared string orchestra (2010), a visceral exploration of timbre […].”

Review Per AF Åberg 2012 (Rituel Bizarre)

“Impressively skilled craftsmanship […] entertaining and easy-to-listen-to […] orchestration amazingly well-made […]. Exciting […].”

Review Otto Paul Burkhardt 2011 (Rituel Bizarre)

“Ansgar Beste […] demonstrated, that the young generation cares delightfully little about old-school permits and prohibitions. […] Beste’s Rituel Bizarre […] shows already an individual musical language. It sounds like a magic ceremonial deep down in a cave, from which only ghostly sound shadows reach our ear […].”

Review Annette Eckerle 2011 (Rituel Bizarre)

“Ansgar Beste […] turns with ‘Rituel Bizarre’ […] the sound expectations connected with the idea of a string orchestra thoroughly upside down. […] This work by Beste is unique in its the­at­ri­­cal imagery.”

Review Armin Knauer 2011 (Rituel Bizarre)

“Jury member Hans-Peter Jahn was fascinated by […] ‘Rituel Bizarre’ […], also because the instruments are not for a moment applied as usual.”

Review Mats Liljeroos 2010 (Rituel Bizarre)

“Bes­te’s Rituel Bizarre […] was such a consistently developed study of un­con­ven­tional sound production that one couldn’t help being impressed. Beste is a clearly inde­pen­dent voice.”

Review Réjean Beaucage 2010 (Rituel Bizarre)

Rituel Bizarre […] brilliantly exploring the textural possibilities of the string instruments with a very organic result; occasionally, one believed to hear wind instruments there, or even electronic sounds.”

Review Gabriele Francioni 2009 (Rituel Bizarre)

“‘Rituel Bizarre’ […] is amazing: everything is built on pizzicati and silenced/stopped strings, deaf yet absolutely expressive sound […] a magma of twelve uninterrupted minutes (!) of intense listening.”

Six statements from Jan-Oct 2018

Statement Simone Eckert 2018 (Dialogues Rêvants) “Entertaining […] rhetorical and eloquent piece with exciting timbres and rhythms, not only thriving on effects, but creating affects.” …more Statement Tellef Ragnar Heilmann 2018 (Dialogues Sauvages / Rituel Bizarre) “Funny and interesting. […] Shrewdly assembled instruments, […] something uniquely his own and exciting. […]…

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