Musical Compositions

Radio broadcast 1 of portrait concert from 2017-03-24


Part 1 of the portrait concert from 2017-03-24 at the New Directions Festival in Piteå (Swe) has now been radio broadcast on SR P2 / P2 Live (Swe) at 19.03 h, with introductions by Märet Öman including interview excerpts with Pär Freij as well as the complete live recordings of the concert’s two world premieres:

Dialogues Rêvants (2014-17) for prepared harp,
played by Alice Belugou.

Dialogues Tremblants (2015-17) for prepared (large) pipe organ (three players), prepared contrabassoon and prepared tuba,
played by Gary Verkade (org), Helena Holmlund (prep), Ansgar Beste (prep), Lukas Backeström (cbn) and André Törnfeldt (tb).