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Review Gianluigi Mattietti 2016 (In the steppes of Sápmi)

“An extreme, radical will in the use of ‘prepared’ voices […]. Inspired by the ‘joik’ chants […] of the Sami, […] obtaining a dense, shrill, urging polyphony which evoked […] repetitive shamanic rituals, and […] the atmosphere of these barren, inhospitable, windswept regions.”

Review Torsten Möller 2016 (In the steppes of Sápmi)

“In his [work] In the Steppes of Sápmi (2014), Beste is neither imitating nor deconstructing the ritual chants. […] Beste is shaping it to an interplay of compressions and accelerations. That’s interesting to listen to […].”

Review Hans-Jörg Lund 2016 (In the steppes of Sápmi)

“Delightful, […] Ansgar Beste developed six melodic formulas from the Scandinavian people of Sami […] repeatedly and variedly to a dialogue and finally to polyphony in a long-term acceleration.”

Review Verena Großkreutz 2016 (In the steppes of Sápmi)

“Things were cheerful and original in Ansgar Beste’s ‘In the steppes of Sápmi’. […] A curious mixture of vocal timbres, which Ansgar Beste has artfully arranged into, against and through each other. Highlight: the polyphonic finale with its microtonal upward shifts, having an incredibly euphoric effect.”

Review Susanne Benda 2016 (In the steppes of Sápmi)

“In Ansgar Beste’s ‘In the steppes of Sápmi‘, the protagonists […] imitate the eternal repetitions of Sami folk songs. That the singers entrust these repetitions to a sort of particle accelerator in the end, makes the piece interesting.”

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Review Christoph Schulte im Walde 2016-2 (Newborn) “Sounds as fresh as a daisy [,] […] joy of discovery […], desire for experiments, enthusiasm for quirky sounds and for curious treatments of the […] instrument […]. Not as an end in itself, but as a creative, imaginative act, in order to…

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