Musical Compositions

7-year-old video production from the Venice Biennale (2009-09-25) now online!


Excerpts (00:00-00:20, 03:00-12:56) from the 7-year-old video production of the opening concert / Concerto Futurista (2009-09-25) at the festival La Biennale di Venezia – Biennale Musica 2009 (Ita), produced by Zeta Group Srl from Treviso (Ita) for Porsche Italia SpA, is finally online on Vimeo!
You can watch the Orchestra J Futura and Maurizio Dini Ciacci (conductor) live premiering the original version of Rituel Bi­zarre for prepared string orchestra (2008-09) (bars 1-8, 54-216) at the Teatro alle Tese, framed by interview clips of Maurizio Dini Ciacci and Luca Francesconi with journalist Guido Schittone.

Or­ches­tra J Futura & Maurizio Dini Ciacci;
Venezia 2009-09-25 (Zeta Group Srl);
bars 1-8, 54-216;
duration: 10 min 15 sec.