Review Aksel Tollåli 2014 (Sandrose)

Aksel Tollåli –

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Date : 2014-08-21
Place : London (Gbr) / Oslo (Nor)

About "Sandrose"

Sandrose is the German word for desert rose, and the piece was in many ways a depiction of the formation of this crystalline structure. The composer is very much concerned with the use of extended playing techniques, and the four players – a pianist, clarinettist, violist, and a percussionist – made great use of these techniques, be they dragging a comb over the viola strings or blowing through the clarinet without a mouthpiece.

Rather less concerned with pitch, Sandrose focused instead on the percussive qualities of each instrument, creating an extremely complex polyrhythmic texture. […] This layering of sounds is an interesting idea, I found […] my engagement in [enthusiasm for] the piece.”


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